Srce mi je puno

Od srca koji je izvukao

U smjeru pogrešno

Nasad mom cercu ce ici

Baš kao što bi trebao


My heart is full

Of your heart that is pulled

In the wrong direction

But right back to my heart it’ll go

Just like it should


Mixed State of Mass Confusion


Me a mixed state of mass confusion

This is the essence of I

Speaking in riddles of rhyme

Losing my way inside my own mind

The master never knowing who masters who

Languages I speak only further confusing you

The more I explain to you

The less I have to express through

Small gasps of air

Pacing from here to there

As your voyeurism watches me never getting anywhere

Which fills you with rampant fear

As I always shift who I am but never say it’s just an illusion

For I am a mixed state of mass confusion