Shane Koyczan and Hannah Epperson


Her Demon Has Become


Barefoot beauty

Disheveled running 2 in the morning

Feels the cool breeze hit her face

As the rocks cut her feet in a solo race

From the masks of memories

Blinding her from today’s realities

She holds the phone and cries

Words flow like blood of desired suicide

Heart soul slips onto the pavement

Like sand her soul soft, impressionable yet deviant

Lays gazing at the grey moon

A speedbump for any vehicle passing soon

Disheartened not a single star shone

As not a single soul knows

How entangled her demon has become

With the sound of her own voice’s home

Or how she can’t tell who has hurt who

But there is not enough breath for two

Too much damage done

To now try and save just one

And the moon slips behind

As a single tear escapes for what she can’t rewind



I’m a sinner that’s sinned on your son

Sun comes up as I lick the innocence up huh

Going down and Im doing the same

Shame is my second name

Loving this game in my eyes glaring

Wrapping you up like a snake staring

You in my grasp you know, no, nothing else

Moaning how I do this and that and you can’t, HA, helpless

You’ll do what I want when I want

I won’t say a word but I’ll get more than what I brought

My beauty bites are wicked

Lovely little evil in your veins now injected

You laying half dead

All around but I’m already dead

You breathe so hard

Into my body breath I no longer heard

Shaking legs and melting skin

Cries in the dark of feeling me makin you wantin


Evil threshold


Another lullaby

For I’m a sinner

Never losin sight of the evil within her

To live again


I’m beginning to live again

to speed away from the aftermath of death on dry land

To rev it up,

Kick it up a notch,

To let the wind open my eyes up

Feel the world’s touch

Make my heart race and beat faster

I’m beginning to wake

To take deep breaths, exhale, unwind

Forget the mistakes

Revel in being the beautiful disaster

I’m remembering what it is to live again