Lost in translation lol

Jennifer is a party pooper. White people problems.


Black man running through white neighborhood

Confronting ignorance in a way that makes people laugh. Win!

Ink Canvas -White People Problems


I love ink. It is true. However, I am somewhat of a skinny girl. This only leaves me so much canvas to get tattoos on. Even tattooing in “unviewable, discreet, no-no” areas does not increase my canvas area by much. I heal through art on my body. I live through my art. I love my art. I am an addict of ink. I am a fat girl trapped in a skinny girl’s body addicted to ink. So recently I have been eating a lot of cheetos, rice pudding, ice cream, “crack” cookies (You know the kind. The kind that make you lick the plate of all crumbs and scream “Whoo! Winning!” And then go find more)…anything that grows a big butt, as mine seems to have run away at some point. I was actually told by a tattoo artist that he would have to charge me MORE because my arms were so small that the detail work would be more difficult. ISn’t that some form of weight-ism???!!! I’m thinking another visit to my “crack” cookie pusher neighbor’s house may help with my little weight problem but might make my tattoo problem bigger…if you know what I mean! White people problems…I love ink!

White people problems

Okay, I’m pretty sure my neighbor has just given me crack cookies. Last night he innoccently dropped off some delicious baklava and what seemd to be “normal” cookies. But since the drop, I have not been able to stop eating them, even though my stomach is killing me.(As some of you know I have health problems that makes eating normal food an issue for me). Despite the pain, I just keep lickin the crumbs off the plate and screamin “WHOO! Winning”! I can’t sleep, and I hear them calling my name from the kitchen. I believe I have just been introduced to the sneakiest kind of pusher. The middle class, crack cookie dealer. And I’m strung out. I suddenly understand cookie monster.