I am a runner

I am a runner. I have done it my whole life. You know why? Because it works. I don’t try to change who you are, so don’t try and change who I am. If you won’t run beside me then you will be left behind me. That is just the way it works. I am a runner. It is who I am. I am like the wind. Intangle and yet there if you know how to feel me and understand what I consist of. If not, you’ll just have felt me for a second and then I’ll be gone. I am a runner. Run beside me or be behind me. Your choice.


Red Demise

Trying not to look back

Is hard when you see shadows of black

That make your heart crack

And ache that familiar lack

And the timeless tears stuck in your eyes

Sparkle the colors of your red demise

World full of Hate


I’ve got a box full of pills

And a world full of hate

A man that smiles while I cry

No energy left unless it’s to seal my fate

Living life can be brutal

Disconnection can be fatal

Feeling chemically positive

Makes your decisions turn out negative

The only winning in the lie

Is losing your soul for the high

I never wanted anyway

But they kept saying it’d make my demons go away

But nothing changed

Cuz I was my own demon anyway

My life, my brain, my situation

Not knowing how to live

An alien in a foreign land

Trying to breathe with no will

And see through the sand

Living in a house of flies

They wait til I can’t wait any longer

And the songs just aren’t enough anymore

To keep me digging in my box full of pills

To deal with a world full of hate

And a heart that no longer reciprocates

Emotionless except for the pain of bee stings

And a deep venom in my veins

That has changed the meaning of my own name



I’ll remind you

I’ll remind you what it’s all worth

What all the world and people can be worth

Like the fruit that ripens and becomes delicious

On a tree with just a few more days despite it’s wishes

To fall, fall in sweet love

A solid connection between two that could only be, be from above

Our heads, Our heads divide

All this love our souls are meant to provide

To ourselves, ourselves to each other

But instead, instead we disrespect and hurt each other

As we stomp on the very ground, flowers that feed

And we burn, we burn the very things, things we need

To wake up from our nightmarish existence

Plead the earth and others for their forgiveness

For every harm, every harm every moment gone wrong

Used in weakness and selfishness instead of wholeness and to be strong

Remember hope and beauty, Remember pure pain

Screamed out your name

But you were gone, you were gone

Just as wrong, just as wrong in selfishness carrying along

In the selfishness game

For you, for you I buried my own head in shame

So forget it

Forget it

Never mind n


I changed it, I changed my mind

It’s not, It’s not

It’s not worth it’s worth