From the Ceiling to the Floor


Your eyes look at me

But it is like a blind man trying to see

And all I have are written words

So we never walk forwards

But if I could write words to bring you sight

To paint a picture of what my soul is like

I would paint a picture of a door

From the ceiling to the floor

A bright light shining inside

Cutting through the overconsuming darkness that derives

From the unknown surrounding this door

Open only slightly to let out and in more

Seeking and projecting beauty

Yet feeling the brisk of the dark cruel reality

Outside, you can’t quite see in

But you are not fully out either so then

Confusion sets in

Blind to see my painting

So my door remains empty

For I still am searching for the words to portray

A painting to a blind man

As we sit silent, alone, hand in hand


Scared Me Honey #5



I thought I was having a rough morning when I ran out of coffee and then I saw it. Screaming for it’s life in a cereal bowl, this little one made me remember that my existence isn’t all that bad…it could be much worse.



The truth is the mundane sets in

Crawls underneath my skin

I realize there is only one existence of I

Most likely healthy but boredom deadly in my eye

For I desire an existence of passion of we

Wish for time before the hope died of being more than just me

Of you and I in togetherness of awe

Connection of embrace in all places we saw

Instead, no matter how good a man

It is just I and I for the long stretch then

I want romance and passions bursts

To be emotionally charged by reactions firsts

Then waves of connection and a love I can understand

By communication that says we

But all I ever see is I and all I ever hear is me

One mundane day after another

Just watching each other get older

And while I know I should be grateful

But honestly I only feel full of sorrow

For I feel nothing but I

When all I wanted was a passion of we high

Illogically and only seen in the movies I suppose

Yet I sigh as I feel I squander my dreamer side for what I’ve been told

To believe as a robot

Conditioned to go step by step and forget

Anything of what is inside of me

And the possibility of a passionate we

But when I quiet my tears

All I hear is

The soft whispers “settle,

It’ll be better”

Strangers for Life


You say you understand me

Think you know me

Shit I don’t know you

And you don’t know me too

We like strangers in the night

Walking blind in the black light

Too afraid to show what really lies behind

Stumbling into each other and then smiling right

But we aint know shit about each other

It was just a connection by accident

And it’ll happen again and again

But once it’s done

It won’t mean more than the last one

You don’t know me

Shit I don’t even know me

So what you want from me huh

Love or some help or fun huh

Everyone’s got a motive

But no one’s got anything to give

Just take away anything left of me

So I’ll keep my stumbling to just me

I’m not trying to start tears or fight

But now you at least know one thing about me right

And thats the cold truth of the night

We all one but none

Until we done

Strangers for life