Borderline Personality Disorder Help in the USA

In response to those looking for DBT treatment, visit Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral Tech website. She developed DBT and they maintain a list of intensively trained therapists. Also visit, an educational organization dealing with personality disorders. They help clients and loved ones. has it all. It’s well worth your time to give these sites a visit. Also UCLA’s MARC program offers free guided meditation downloads. For mental health professionals, Dr. Ronald Siegel is doing a two day seminar on mindfulness. He will be in New Orleans, Baltimore and Denver. See


Borderline Personality Disorder My Reality


I want to run away

But there is nowhere to run to anyway

For my demons follow me

Laughing hysterically at me

From within me comes a rage

Nothing calms my nightmarish life play

Up I fly to smile at my demons

Who smile back at me and then consume me again

So I scream to loved ones to not let me drown slow

Let me escape my torture by my own hand, they dont know

But they say Im selfish

If they only knew how pure love was my wish

A calm sea of happiness for them

As I smiled one last time and left them


From what I was unable to give them

What I was unable to give myself in life then

A stone solid Rest in Peace as they say about me

Because Borderline Personality Disorder was my reality

But at least now I have a name

At least a reason for the failure and shame

A beautiful masquerade

Of this disaster I made