Candy Kisses

Amanda Perez


Dying to be With You


what if I told you

I need you

What if I almost died for you

What if I was dying to be with you

What if then you weren’t angry anymore

What if I got better then

And we lived a simple life,

but a life together,

with no anger

no death,

no war

what if I told you


it wasn’t


too late

All the Small Things


It is in all the small things

The seemingly insignificant ways you breathe

The way your lips on my neck brush

The spot no one else ever touched

All the small things

Like the one wink and the faster heart beats

How you put on music for me

Then onto your lap you gently ease me

Rocking slighlty I sense Heaven

In the small things

Your eyes say to me

As you stare with no fear longingly

Into my soul you reach deeper still

Know it all before I know how I feel

All the small things

Open my eyes wide in disbelief

As you take me to places I’ve never been, out of my grief

Our souls playing with another plane of existence

Yet while on Earth living in resistance

All the small things

All the pain you leave me with

Only shadows but nothing solid to grip

Passion so wrong

I said we are strong

All the small things

You said I had beautiful wings

Spoke of how yourself lucky

Then walked away while I sickly

Running away from the lie

All the while looking yourself in the eye

Begging to stay for one more touch

Irritated too much, pull away, unstuck

It is in all the small things

That love dies living