Srce mi je puno

Od srca koji je izvukao

U smjeru pogrešno

Nasad mom cercu ce ici

Baš kao što bi trebao


My heart is full

Of your heart that is pulled

In the wrong direction

But right back to my heart it’ll go

Just like it should


Sunken Face (12-23-12)

They say

Young evil is glamorous

But I hear now how he pays

This young man’s screams continuous

Kills him swift on days of his past ways

What they say muted by his liquid poisons

His terror fills my ears

Doubles my compassions, rips my ears in half

Dark, oh, sunken face shows his covered purple veins

Numbed unrealized pain 1000 times his past

Is smashed into his painful existence

As the poisonous fruit tries to kill

And resin rebuilds its existence

Inside this frail being

Who is utterly ill, collapse

For we both know he must fight, relapse

He, we must struggle against all demons’ rebuttles

This is life, these are lies

If he, if we are to ever

Live again, or ever live at all

Without a sunken face

And find our peace

The Humble Roar

Sometimes the deepest, truest part of who you are quietly whispers to you to guide you through your life and you either choose to listen or run. When you run, it will continue to whisper as you continue to suffer. Slightly louder you will try to guide yourself as your pain increases until you, yourself are roaring. I hear the roar now. I no longer wish to run. I need to walk slowly. I need to sit silently. Now, I need silence to find my path, to get to where I am, to where I need to be, to become who I truly am.